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Tips when buying OHIO Auto Insurance :

1) Think before you buy from the 1st OHIO insurance rep you speak to!

2) When you see the OHIO Auto insurance you want to get, call at least 4 agents you may find a greater deal, with other agents. There lots of OHIO Agents, so even if you call 10 or 50 miles away make sure you get plenty quotes.

3) Don’t let the consultant scare you into a lower deductible, go with the 1 that you are most familiar with. The Higher the OHIO Auto insurance deductible the less expensive the monthly premium, and most OHIO carriers have BIG discounts if you buy a high deductible.

4) Buying OHIO car insurance ONLINE should cost the same from a carrier direct site as it does with a personal agent in OHIO .

5) Most OHIO Auto Insurance companies give you a discount when you have multiple policies with them, so shop all your insurance plans at the same time. You will get better prices and friendlier service because the insurance rep stands to make more cash off you.

Things your Representative does not want you to know when obtaining OHIO auto insurance:

1) Insurance Brokers get paid a percentage of the monthly premium, so don’t think they are always on your side as the more you spend the more they make and the more the insurance company makes.

2) Brokers are trained to push the lower deductible so it raises their income and the profit of their insurance company.

3) Many insurance professionals can find discounts & special savings depending on the coverage, so the more look the better the price you will get.

4) You CAN quit OHIO Automobile Insurance carriers in the center of your 6 month plan. Don’t let them work you out of it, if the rates are better. Many times you modify carriers, so you may have to wait for a refund check if you pay in advance but it is possible.

5) Electronic Checks is a great way to pay, and the OHIO company may allow a discount for the use of E-Checks. The reason they do this is not only to save on processing costs, but the customers who do this are more likely not to cancel as early and make fewer changes.

Things to remember when buying OHIO Car insurance:

1) Working with an OHIO agent:
If you work with an OHIO Auto insurance agent, they should work hard to earn your business They should respond faster, and be more convenient.

2) OHIO Liability Coverage:
Bodily Injury Liability Protection-provides coverage if you or a covered driver is legally liable in a car accident in which others are injured or killed.

3) OHIO Property Damage Liability Protection : allows for coverage if you or a covered driver is legally liable for damages to another’s property resulting from a car collision in and out of OHIO .

4) PIP in OHIO :
Provides coverage for injury, and loss of income suffered by insured, your covered passengers, and/or covered Members. (Personal Injury Protection Coverage is not available in every state. Ask an OHIO agent for details.)

5) Medical Payments Protection in OHIO :
Provides coverage for doctors, hospital, and surgical, cost incurred by you, covered family members, or your covered passengers riding in your covered auto.

6) OHIO Other than Collision Coverage :
Provides coverage for damage to your insured vehicle, up to the actual cash value, caused by falling objects, fire, theft, vandalism, and many other non-collision losses. A deductible may apply to this coverage.

Hears the real deal: Insurance is about peace-of-mind, and I know from experience a lot of time individuals buy on premium.

What matters most is when it comes time to file a claim, how fast will the carrier reacts, where can their claims offices, what the do when you file a claim and how speedily do they pay their claims are all and SHOULD BE A HUGE deciding factor when buying OHIO Auto Insurance as the coverage is only as good as its delivery so make sure you keep this in mind when shopping for OHIO Car insurance.

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Medigap Insurance

Medigap Medicare

Did you know we aslo offer Medicare Supplements in Ohio and Ohio medicare advantage plans?

Ohio Medicare Supplemental Insurance: Follow In Their Footstep.

When I think back on all of the times I spent with my grandparents it never once occurred to me that they could possibly be stressed over the decisions they were making regarding their retirement.  They always seemed so happy and carefree and never once worried about money.  I have since found out that my grandparents planned for their retirement years making wise investments and never really going into debt.  Even with their failing health it seemed like
they never worried.  I know that they had traditional Medicare plans, but in addition to Medicare they also had Medicare supplement insurance coverage, which helped to eliminate the stress when they had to make several trips to the doctor and numerous admissions into the
hospital.  My grandparents planned extremely well for their retirement years, I just hope that I can follow in their footsteps.

If I have a Medicare supplemental insurance plan in place when I retire I know that I will not have to be concerned about being on a fixed income.  With the many Medicare supplement insurance plan options available to me I will be able to make a decision regarding the best Medicare supplement insurance coverage available for my particular situation.  I know that if I in role during the Medicare supplement open enrollment phase I will have guaranteed issue regardless of the condition of my health just like my grandparents had.
I will be able to afford this valuable coverage because it comes with low monthly Medicare supplement premiums that will be able to fit my budget.  As
long as I make my premium payments by policy can never be canceled.

Getting supplemental  Medicare insurance is easy and painless. If you call any of the Medicare supplemental insurance companies and
speak to a Medigap provider you’ll have all the information you need to make the best decision regarding Medicare supplement insurance policies.  Another option for you is to go online with any of the major Medicare supplement insurance carriers and fill out an electronic application otherwise known as an e-app and submit your application online so that you were coverage is effective immediately.  This is how my grandparents chose to handle their Medicare gap Insurance Rates and  supplemental Medicare insurance coverage.  As I’ve stated before, my grandparents planned for their future and I hope to be able to follow in their footsteps during the Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment period.  Don’t hesitate to take action today. Even if you have Disability Insurance, we may be able to point you in the right direction.


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